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    The Paradox of the Growing Importance of the “Putting-Out” System in the Development of the Batik Industry: A Case Study in the Sragen-Surakarta- Sukoharjo Cluster of Indonesia

    Penulis : Arianti Ina R.H.
    Bidang Ilmu : Studi Pembangunan
    Unit Peneliti : Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Komunikasi
    Nomor Terbit : 2
    Vol/Tahun : 7/2013
    Penerbit Jurnal : Common Ground Publishing LLC
    Alamat Penerbit : University of Illinois Research Park 2001 South First St, Suite 202 Champaign IL 61820 USA
    ISSN : 2324-7649
    Keyword : Batik, Gender, Putting-Out System, Home-Workers, industri mikro-kecil-menengah batik
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    Abstract: The economic crisis stimulated the growing importance of the “putting-out” system for the development of small-scale batik industries, in which home-workers who produce goods at home are part of a decentralized chain of production and control. Such systems were already present before the crisis but are now more prominent, faster, complex, and different from the “putting-out” system in general. The performance of the former cannot be separated

    from the “hidden” roles of the home-workers and their families. The home-workers have played strategic roles insupporting the existence and survival of the small-scale batik industries, but despite their contributions, they remain on the margins. This paper is based on research conducted in Central Java, Indonesia, and describes three key findings,

    namely (a) the paradox of the growing importance of the putting-out system for the development of the batik industry, (b) The POS Transformation from a gender perspective, and (c) the implications of the system on the role of home-workers and the employment conditions in the batik industry.