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    Ekofeminisme II

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    No. ISBN : 978-602-8252-91-1
    Penulis : Sih Natalia Sukmi, S.Sos., M.I.Kom
    Format / Ukuran : 15.5x23
    Jumlah Halaman : 332
    Edisi : 1
    Tahun Terbit : 2014
    Penerbit : Jalasutra & Pusat Penelitian dan Studi Gender UKSW - Yogjakarta
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    Power of media is significant in moulding and constructing society’s attitude toward ecology and gender justice. Most of the time, mass media is not owned by the community, but rather owned by the corporate capital which is very profit-oriented regarding many of the ecological crises we have. The attitudes of Indonesian mass media to issues of environment and women are not particularly good, or even worse. Even among 246 personal weblog in Indonesia, few are having concern on these issues. Most of women’s blog and discussing fashion and domestic’s affairs. Issues of equality of women and nature and human being are extremely rare. New media and independent media could be boosted to spread mandate of justice toward women and ecology