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    Seksualisasi media dan perilaku seksual anak dan remaja

    Penulis : Alosius
    Bidang Ilmu : Psikologi
    Unit Penulis : Fakultas Psikologi
    Nama Kegiatan : Seminar/Diskusi Ilmiah
    Penyelenggara : Fakultas Psikologi - Unika Soegijapranata
    Tanggal Kegiatan : 19-06-2014
    Lokasi Kegiatan : Semarang
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    This article focuses on the presentation of sex and sexualized media and its impact on young people. Discussion on sex or sexuality in the media are difficult to be realized and complicated by conflicts of interest from a variety of perspective, cultural, ideological, religious, and moral. Meanwhile, the increasing exposure of young people to sexually explicit material has been cited as a significant influence on their sexuality, sexual identity, and health. This articles presents some research findings that highlight the intersection of these issues with the context of sexualized media and culture. our understanding of these studies would help us understand how young people construct their sexuality, sexual identity, their engagement with, and experiences, of sexualized culture from their own perspectives.